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fishing reports
Great AM Fishing
Aug 31, 2013
Black seabass bite is on, baby! We are catching dozens upon dozens of those delicious fish, with many that break the scale of 4 lbs! Big fluke up to 10 lbs are still biting as well and everyone is having a blast catching them.

Giant Fluke and Seabass
Aug 24, 2013
Good fishing continues as we continue fishing between Ambrose chanel and the Fisherman's bouy down in Jersey. We are seeing giant fluke and seabass come over the railing every day with plenty of action to keep everyone bussy. Afternoon fishing is still veryd ecent, although mother nature hasn't been very cooperative this week.

Fluke and Seabass
Aug 17, 2013
Black seabass are finally biting and we are right where the action is. We've been going down to Jersey every day now and each trip produces good amouns of quality fluek and seabass alike. Afternoon bite has slowed down a bit, primarily due to horrible drifting condition we had through most of this week, but we are still catching enough fish to keep everyone busy on board.

Fluke and Seabass
Aug 10, 2013
Still catching lot's of fluke on both AM and PM trips, captain Jeff decided it was time to try for some seabass. We took a couple of trips to Jersey, where the bite was a bit slow, but steady and we picked away at keeper fish all day long. Afternoon trips are still good as well and continue producing big fluke on daily basis.

Still Going Strong
Aug 03, 2013
The weather was far from perfect through most of the week and that did afffect fishing somewhat, but not by much. We are still seeing big fish up to 8lbs come up on just about every trip and there is still plenty of action for everyone on board.

Superb Fishing Continues!
Jul 27, 2013
It's hard not to get excited when the fishing is that good! We are still catching between 40 - 50 keeper fluke on daliy basis, including a 10.5 lbs monster caught this Sunday.

Superb Fluke Fishing!
Jul 20, 2013
It's been 6 weeks since fluke fishing picked up and it's been nothing short of superb during this entire period. We are catching about 50 keeper fluke up to 8 lbs every day on AM and PM trips alike.